Josh Kalogerakos

Owner | Engineer

Bag: Tracking, Production, Mixing and Mastering

Glad you dropped by...

Hello there!  Here’s a little about me that you might want to know.  Or not.  I’m a diverse music producer, engineer and musician with a wide range of experience from composing and recording full choral productions, to mixing thumping 808s.

Shortly after graduating from Harris Institute’s Audio Production Program, I continued playing in bands and worked at several recording facilities and concert venues.  Those experiences are now shaping the sound of Niagara’s next generation of leading Rock, R&B, Pop and Hip-Hop artists. About a year after I graduated, my college project ‘Suitcase Studios’, came to life and I opened a 1,000 sq/ft recording studio in the Niagara Region – a professional, fun, and comfortable place with a cool vibe fit for artists of any genre and any recording situation.

I’ve recorded hundreds of songs and albums.  Produced some incredible up-and-coming artists.  Recorded and broadcast dozens of live off the floors.  Suitcase was home to dozens of bands as a rehearsal space. 

I’ve met and worked with some absolutely incredible artists who I now call friends. But it now it’s time to move on.

My 3 year lease came up for renewal and I decided to pass.  I’ve grown and have other plans.  Stay tuned.

But for now I’m proud to still be working with Days on Parade, Maison Vail, Moe Killed My Cool, Nitro Girl, Wild Iris, Ivy Gardens, Roy Angus, Strangely Steve, The Lost Entrees, babylung, Flowers for the Dead and vvminerva.

Reach out if you want to talk about your next project.

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