1 July 2019 0

Live Room

The Live Room A cool space with a great vibe to record a live session, rehearse, write, collaborate, jam or just hang out with fellow creatives.  It's fully equipped with a selection of amps, guitars, drum kit, mics, a 60" Ultra HD TV, coffee bar and more. $50/hour Book It
1 July 2019 0

Control Room A

Control A Editing Suite This is our main, multi-purpose editing suite.  State-of-the-art equipment, acoustically treated walls and ceiling, comfy couches and even a barber's chair.  This is where we mix, master and play back the hours of work we put in together to make you sound your best. 50$/hour Book a Tour
1 July 2019 0

Control Room B

Control Room B This is a private, quiet room where our engineers edit, mix, master and make you sound performance-ready for any stage or streaming platform.  It's also a cool place to pick up a guitar, jam, write or collaborate.  Come check it out. Book a Tour
1 July 2019 0

Drum Vault

The Drum Vault Yes, it's a real vault! It's a concrete encased space where the Niagara Regional Police secured important documents, maybe some contraband and other illicit goods. Completely sound-proofed its now the perfect place to track drums, vocals or any other instrument. 50$/hour Book It
18 May 2018 0

Arrangement Studio

Arrangement Studio Pellentesque et ex vitae ligula efficitur pretium. Nulla vestibulum aliquam augue. Curabitur fermentum efficitur pretium. Nulla vestibulum aliquam augue vitae. 35$/hour Read more
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