Josh Kalogerakos

Owner | Engineer

Age: 21
Experience: 3 bands, 5 solo singles, drumline, choir, played Massey Hall, Classic Albums Live
Specialization: Producer, engineer, piano, guitar, writing, vocals

Stuff about Josh

Josh is a diverse music producer, engineer and musician with a wide range of experience from composing and recording full choral productions, to mixing thumping 808s.

Shortly after graduating from Harris Institute’s Audio Production Program, Josh continued playing in bands and working at several recording facilities and concert venues.  Those experiences are now shaping the sound of Niagara’s next generation of leading Rock, R&B, Pop and Hip-Hop artists. Less than a year later, his college project; Suitcase Studios, was brought to fruition when he opened a 1,000 sq/ft recording studio in the Niagara Region, fit for artists of any genre and any recording situation.

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